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April Favourites!

Hello everybody and I hope you had a great Easter!

I ate plenty of chocolate, just like you hopefully did too! I was going to include a picture of some cute and delicious chocolate I got in this post, but I ate it. I’m sorry. ūüćę


I realise my favourites is a bit late, but with homework and projects, I haven’t had the time to post it!¬†Sorry about the delay! Here we go!


Beautiful Seiko Watch

This was my Grandma’s, who had bought it when she retired. For some reason¬†she bought a new watch exactly the same, even though the old one was perfectly fine and only wore the new one when she went out and then, out of the blue, she gave the old one to me!

photo (2)


I’ve grown up seeing the watch, but I never knew how pretty it was until I actually owned it! I feel so lucky to have it and I love it so much! I’m so glad I’m not expected to wear my hot pink Hello Kitty watch with the yellow dial that I got when I was seven anymore! Not that I wore that much anyway. *Cough, cough* I love how my new but old watch has roman numerals around the edge and I¬†simply adore the colour combination! I’ve been wearing this absolutely everywhere and I find having a watch is really handy!


Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Oh my Goodness, where to start with this book?! ¬†I’ve been looking forward to reading this for so long and it definitely not a disappointment. It’s quite a new book, as it was published this year in January, with a gorgeous cover and it’s totally worth the $25.00 I paid for it!

Aviary Photo_131385151505765506 (2)

The writing is beautiful, with sophisticated words and descriptions that throw you into the story,¬†creating a¬†feeling that you’re actually there. But the descriptions aren’t only beautiful, they’re creative: Richer than the darkest chocolate. A waterfall the colour of melted peacock feathers. Not to mention the story itself! It’s gripping and full of surprises, one’s that you can’t see coming. I love it when that¬†happens. There are also heaps of lovable and not-so-lovable characters and the main character, Scarlett, actually makes realistic choices. You know when you’re watching a film and you say: “Don’t go through that door!” And guess what? They go through that door? Scarlett doesn’t do that. In my eyes, she is a perfect character. She doesn’t make stupid decisions like going through ‘that door’ and although the setting she is in is far from realistic, she remains to be. I really hope there’s a second book! Overall,

‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź ‚≠ź

It’s a thrilling story of sisterhood, love, betrayal, adventure and of course, magic, that honestly can’t be missed.


I Love To Love by Tina Charles

I heard this on a TV show called ‘River’ and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head! It’s so catchy and well, good! I love it so much! And isn’t her dress beautiful?

Back To Black

And isn’t this such a good song too?! I love this.

Well, that’s it! I hoped enjoyed this post and I’ll see you again soon!

Quaintrelle xx



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