In The Golden Afternoon


It feels like a century since a last put up a post! Or maybe it has been and I’ve pulled a Rip Van Winkle? But I’ve slept for so long because I’ve had too much hot chocolate, obviously.

Recently, (before I had too much hot chocolate) I spent an afternoon in a very pretty garden and I just had to take some photos. So here they are!

A crimson grapevine leaf, lit up by the sunlight…


A mellow pansy…


Little one thought flowers were pretty great too! He literally ran over to a flower after this photo was taken, no joke!

SAM_0593 (2)

A vibrant nasturtium…


I really like this one. I just love how can see the sunlight coming through the fronds.


And finally a very pretty morning-glory!

SAM_0758 (2)

And just because…

I had a very nice afternoon and I can’t wait to go back and take some more photos for you! Also, I auditioned for my school’s production (which is basically a showcase of songs, dances, acting and comedy sketches) and I think I got the part of Alice for In A World Of My Own, because my teachers hinted I might have! I’m very excited and looking forward to finding out if I’ve got the part! I’ll let you know and as always, I’ll keep you posted.

See you soon!




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