May Favourites!

Hi guys!

I’m so sorry my favourites is so late again! I have so much homework it’s unbelievable. I can’t wait for the holidays and this homework blizzard to be over! ❄ As always, I have a few favourites this month. This month it’s mostly – correction, completely – music,  as it’s what’s been getting me through my homework! I’ve reevoked my love for Kylie Minogue,  as she is what I’ve mostly been listening too, but I do have some jazz and a little bit of the music of the moment! I  really wish I had some bits and bobs to show you, but unfortunately, I don’t!


Love At First Sight

I’ve always been obsessed with Kylie Minogue. When I was 3 or 4, or maybe it was 2, no three, my Aunty gave me Kylie’s album and I just loved it. At the time my favourite was ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ because of the ‘la, la, la’ throughout the song. (Some people think it’s na, na, na, but I’ve always said la). Now though, I’m not that into it. I like most of her other songs, however. I just can’t get them out of head! 😉 Here are some of my absolute favourites…
















In Your Eyes 👁














Chocolate 🍫












Better The Devil You Know 😈










Once you’ve danced your way through all of those, I’ve got yet more music!

Beyond The Sea – Bobby Darin  🌊

I love this song, it always reminds me of being at my Grandmother’s and listening to it on the record player, whilst playing Scrabble. (Isn’t that the best game?!) I always end up jumping up though and dancing with my Grandma, (whom I call Nannan) and little Milo would try to nip at my heels and then run over to me with his only toy, hoping I’ll play with him. (Which just happens to be my step Grandpa’s woolen sock!)








Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran

I’m secretly obsessed with this song…






I Know I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith

The song starts at 0:42, for those who don’t want to watch all the acting and want to get straight into the good stuff!




Well, that’s it! I hope you like these songs too, for I really, really, really these!

Oh, and for those who were wondering, I didn’t get the Alice in Wonderland part. But – there’s a but – they’re not putting Alice In Wonderland into the musical and they didn’t give me a singing solo because they didn’t want to give me two! I got a ballet solo! Well duet, I’m dancing with one of the Year 12s. It’s so exciting! I love the song we’re dancing too. Here it is:


Thank you so much for reading and if you’ve managed to read/dance your way, right to the end, I raise my headphones to you!

Much love,

Quaintrelle xx



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