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June Favourites

Hello Everybody!

These past few favourites I haven’t had much to show you, but now I have! I’ve had a terrible cold this month, so I’ve got quite a few warm clothes and delicious tea in the mix. I’m very excited to get started! I hope you love my favourites as much as I do, and let’s begin!

lemon and ginger tea

Image result for lemon and ginger twinings tea

I love this tea. It’s so tasty and it’s been really soothing for my sore throat that hadn’t been able to produce a squeak until today. I’ve been putting a tad of honey into it, just because people always suggest you to have a hot lemon and honey drink when you have a cold, but I don’t think this tea really needs the honey. The drink isn’t that sour and the ginger isn’ t so strong that feel like you’re about to become a dragon and breathe fire any second, but the ginger’s definitely there and it’s just delicious! When you make this tea, the colour isn’t really that appetising, but when you taste it, you’ll forget all about that, I promise!

Les Patineurs finale soundtrack

I don’t know whether this is just me, but this music sounds so Christmassy! I loooove this music. It makes me want to get up and dance.

Navy Blue Princess Highway Dress


This dress is from Princess Highway and although it doesn’t look fabulous in the picture, in real life I love it! The buttons go with one of my handbags, which is great and I just think it’s really nice. It’s made of navy blue corduroy, making it really warm, which makes it perfect for Winter.


Charcoal Princess Highway Coat

IMG_1390[1].JPGAaah! I love this coat! It goes with everything, especially since it’s almost black, and I love how when you put on it hangs like a dress at the hips. I also love how it has big buttons, which makes it so much easier to do up! My beloved coat is made of wool, with a lovely satin lining and it super snuggly and warm. Unfortunately, this coat isn’t being made anymore, but you can find some coats that are like it here.

Charcoal Target Zippered Hoodie


This hoodie is really cosy, especially with that fluffy lining! It’s so warm, which makes it perfect for going about the house in. I’ve just been throwing it over the top of my pyjamas and staying like that all day, to be honest.

 LANCÔME Lip Lover 316 

Aviary Photo_131438981662904377.png  All this month I have been getting incredibly dry lips, so dry in fact, that they’ve cracked and bled almost every day, no matter how much lip balm I’ve applied. But this has been my life saver. This lip gloss does all the usual things that a lip gloss does. It makes your lips look slightly pinker and gives it a nice shine, but it doesn’t dehydrate your lips, it moisturises them! Apparently, this lip gloss is supposed to keep your lips moist for eight hours, which it probably does, but it’s hard to let it do that when we are always eating and drinking.  Nevertheless, it definitely does keep your lips well moisturised, as it’s quite dewy. In saying that, it’s not sticky either! I love that about it.  It has quite a lovely, vivid, soft pink, the colour last ages, it’s non-sticky and it hydrates for long periods of time.  I love this!

Thank you so much for reading, it really means a lot! If you enjoyed it, don’t forget to give it a ‘like’! I hope everyone is having a lovely Winter and that nobody has turned into a frog like I have. Because it really isn’t easy being green! 🐸

Much Love,

Quaintrelle xx





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