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A Walk In The Neighbourhood

Hello, Everybody!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Winter. Or Summer, for some of you. Today I took a stroll “around the block” (it always ends up being a walk around the entire suburb) and I brought along my camera. I spotted heaps of things, some things were so fabulous I couldn’t believe I’d missed them other times!

This is japonica. Doesn’t it look lovely with that cute art nouveau window behind?!

SAM_0958 (2).JPG

A raven in the fading Autumnal leaves. Caw!


A little French marigold…


An elephant doorknocker! Isn’t is awesome!?

Aviary Photo_131299714287093912.png

I then bought one of the most delicious doughnuts I’ve ever had! It had a raspberry filling with a white chocolate coating and matcha popcorn to top it off. It sounds weird, I know, but it was soooo good.

SAM_0962 (2).JPG

Enjoy the rest of Winter while it lasts! And for those of you who are about to finish up with Summer, rejoice! No more flies, no more turning pink like a piglet the moment you step outside, no more sleepless, hot nights! Hurrah! Unfortunately for me though, us Australians are going into the Spring. I love the rain we get in Spring and the flowers, but not the heat and certainly not the wind. Hopefully, it’ll be a cold one?

Quaintrelle xx



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