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2017 Favourites

Good Afternoon everybody! (Or good morning or good evening for some) So, it's 2018! A lot happened in 2017, and I think personally I have grown as a person as cheesy as that sounds, and I have learnt some important life lessons. Those include not assuming that the people who hold up a certain part… Continue reading 2017 Favourites

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🎄 All I Want For Chrismas Is… 🎄

All I want for Christmas Is... You?... Sorry, but I don't actually want you. You might be great and I love you all but I don't have feelings that deep for you. Sorry 😉 Did I forget to say hi to you all and wish you a merry Christmas?!!! If I didn't please imagine that I did,… Continue reading 🎄 All I Want For Chrismas Is… 🎄

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Spring Clothing I Need (Want)

Hello Everyone! As it's Spring, I thought I'd create a list of gorgeous and timeless Spring items of clothing, that will hopefully make an entrance into my wardrobe (or your wardrobe) this season! Princess Highway Cardi Dress   ASOS Top   ASOS Skirt   Princess Highway Dress I love these clothes so much! Especially the… Continue reading Spring Clothing I Need (Want)

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February Favourites

Aloha, my fellow readers! It is time, for the expected, fully anticipated, February Favourites! I get excited for doing these, even though it's the second time I've ever done one!  I hope you like my favourite things as much as I do and let's begin! MUSIC Tchaikovsky All The Way I love Tchaikovsky's music! Especially… Continue reading February Favourites